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Lil' Update

Well this weekend was pretty uneventful except for it was Jennie Jacob and Greg Gallatin's wedding! So crazy. When I was a head cashier at Target, Jennie was a cashier and Greg was the cart boy - and I knew that they liked each other so I gave Greg her phone number and told him he should call her. I never thought they'd get married!!! It was seriously the cutest wedding I have ever been to. They are absolutely perfect for each other. When her dad walked her down the aisle I totally lost it and started bawling. How embarrassing, totally didn't expect that at all. The reception was really cute too, very good food! Ben and I really didn't know a whole lot of people though, but I found Tami Anderson and we ended up spending most of the evening together. Funniest part of the night was probably Dan Schetinski's toast *he was the best man.* I was so proud of him, he didn't bother me to dance at all. Best part of the night? Catching the much-coveted bouquet. That makes two in a row, definite sign there. Anyway just thought I would check in, later y'all.
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