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Warning - Pointless Rambling Ahead

Hello all,

That's right, I am back for the first time since November. My good friend Emily has been having some problems spawned by her Xanga site and this has inspired me to whip out the old LJ and bitch about it. Here goes:

Emily and Dan have been dating for over a year now. Dan has an ex gf who I don't know at all but for some reason she really bothers Emily. I am thinking that her bothering Emily is just because being jealous is a girl thing. I got lucky with Ben - he didn't come with any ex-gfs. There were people in his past who I have felt insecure about, but for the most part I've been very lucky. I think it's normal to have those feelings to anyone whose been with your man to begin with. Anyway. So Emily got this blog and wrote down some random thoughts. One of them was about this ex-gf. I read this, and from a completely objective point of view, it was really not that horrible. I'm sure she never would have written this stuff if she thought there was a chance of the other girl reading it.
Somehow the other girl got the link and read it. So Emily received a very nasty comment from one of her friends. It really was immature. I think the last line said something about "I hope you die a slow and painful death" or something to that extent. So Emily wrote something back, then the actual girl wrote something - finally Emily just decided to quit the blog completely just to get away from all this. Just let it go. I'm sure it still bothered her, especially being the person to withdraw, but I totally think that was the right thing to do.
You would think that everything would be okay after this. But I guess that the ex-gf is now talking to some of Emily's friends - including Dan - and telling them what happened. It sounds like she is sort of blowing it out of proportion. And it is really stressing her out.
Now I need to comment on a few aspects of this situation:
1. First of all, when you go reading someone's web log, I think that you give up your right to get upset about anything in it. That's someone's thoughts. That is all. The purpose of a journal is to clear the thoughts in your head - things you really can't say out loud. So for this girl to not only get upset but to blow it way out of proportion and spread it around to Emily's friends - not cool. Emily has a right to express her feelings. You don't have a right to say shit behind someone's back, but that's not what it was. She was simply shedding stress.
2. A few friends who are now involved seem to be taking sides. I don't get that. This other girl has no business sharing what happened to begin with - can these "friends" not see this? Like, it's one thing to talk to someone about it. I know that's why Emily told me. But to mutual friends? That just seems like sabotage. And let's just say some of these friends of Emily's are less than able to pick up on this.
3. Can I just get out how childish it all seems to me? I seriously haven't been close to a situation like this since - high school maybe? I definitely have a problem with people saying crap about me to other people if they don't know what they're talking about. And I definitely have a big mouth that has gotten me in trouble a lot. But for this other girl to go around telling stories to everyone, basically "spreading rumors" - this has nothing to do with me and it STILL frustrates me!!! So I don't blame Emily for responding to these girls over her blog. But come on you other girls - we are 21 years old now aren't we? Let's seriously leave the high school shit behind for a moment and take this for what it is: a misunderstanding blown WAY out of proportion. What is with girls? This seems to happen all the time. Guys don't do this. Well some like the drama but for the most part don't really get caught up in it. What is with us??

I don't know why this situation frustrated me so much - it has nothing to do with me. But I've always been really protective of my friends. If I knew this girl I'd have no problem taking care of her. It just seems so stupid and I don't like my friends being at odds with each other because it just sucks. It makes normal situations uncomfortable.

OK I'm done.

Other than that...I can't think of much else new since I last wrote! The last semester is here - gotta love that. Graduation in just a little over a month! Woo hoo! I'm moving too! Into a high rise on the 23rd floor overlooking the river! With Emily, my brother's gf Elizabeth, and another girl I met through an old friend of mine. So that is pretty much what's on my mind right now - getting out of school and getting into my new apartment. Hopefully I can find some time to update this thing again soon. Much love all.
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