Jennifer (skyblu683) wrote,

Let's Get Serious Here

Can I just express how frustrated I am here?
It has been less than 24 hours since the election and already I am sick and tired of signing on line to have some conversation or whatnot, and reading people's away messages saying how the country is going downhill and how Bush sucks and yada yada yada. One kid had the audacity to compare the re-election of Bush to Jefferson Davis's "presidency" in the Confederacy during the Civil War. Another kid expressed his extreme disappointment in the American people. A few examples (and I'm sorry if anyone reads this and gets offended, I didn't mean to):

"i guess i should actually do some work...kinda hard when our future looks so bleak"
"I'm moving to Canada..."
"good thing all those red states saved those blue states from terrorists and gays"

and my personal favorite:

"I cannot imagine any other country taking this too well. I was only in Europe for aprroximately 6 months, but I was there long enough to know that the majority of the world hates us. The sad thing is, they used to say that they did not hate our people, only our government, specifically President Bush. However, I'm pretty sure that they all will decide within the next few days that they were wrong, and that they hate us along with our publicly elected leader. If you think we had terrorist attacks beforehand, just watch out now. thank God I'll be in Europe next summer and Japan for a majority of the next two years"

OK can we get serious here?

First of all, I realize that your candidate lost, and with that obviously comes some frustration and sadness. That is to be expected. Even as a Bush supporter I felt bad listening to Kerry's speech of concession, and realize that his campaign went really strong and they were really hopeful.
But, the truth just didn't happen.
How about, instead of all of the negativity toward Bush, the threats of moving to Canada, the disappointment in the country, whatever your excuse is for being upset - what if you took that disappointment, got over it a little bit, and turned that around into support and pride in our country, regardless of the leadership? Kerry and Bush both discussed how divided the country is at the moment...what if you took some initiative and helped that to turn around, using your obvious passion, rather than maintaining your whining and moaning? How about using some of that energy to respect Kerry's attempts, to respect his decision to concede, and to respect HIS wish of bringing the country together?
And another thing for people who say they are disappointed in America...are you kidding me? Take into consideration that the number of people voting went up in how many states. It is our civic duty to vote, and more and more people are embracing that right...that fact right there makes me immensely proud of our country, and not disappointed at all.
So honestly, can we put this into perspective? It's obvious that a lot of people were disappointed with the results...but nonetheless along with our right to vote comes the duty to respect our leader and take pride in our country. Bush and Kerry may have been representing different views but one thing that they BOTH agreed on was that our country is divided, and needs to be united. So why not just respect that idea, regardless of who your candidate was, by standing up next to your fellow Americans and taking some pride in this country?
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