Jennifer (skyblu683) wrote,

Still Around

Just wanted to let anyone who cares know that I am still around! Ash and I moved into our new place about a week and a half ago and we don't have internet yet. So I haven't really had a chance to write anything.
Our apartment is really cute. We ended up having just the right amount of furniture to fill it up and look cute. I love my new room too. Just walking into this place you can feel that it is SO much better and more positive of an atmosphere than the old house. Speaking of which, I haven't talked to or seen any of those girls since I left which is FINE BY ME. There were no grand goodbyes or anything. To be honest I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders by not having to tiptoe around especially past Nicole's door, lest it be slammed in my face.
My class is going really well. It's actually a pretty fun and interesting course (History of the Twin Cities) and I love my professor. It's not much work except for a large paper which I am on my way to the MN History Center to research today.
I also have yet to start working; that's Monday for me. I'm VERY excited to start. Everyone that I know is now working full time which makes for extreme boredom for myself. Grr. It will be fun to take care of Josh and Jordan. They seem like really great kids.
Last weekend Ben and I went to Winona for 4 days and it was so nice and relaxing and pretty. I really needed that getaway and I was sorry to go. His sister graduated so we were busy with plans for their large party but still. I think I just love the change in environment.
Anyway there is not much else going on except WAIT - MY 21st BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEKEND! I have waited far too long and have been left out of far too many bar outings. I am so excited. So everyone who wants to come is invited for my power two hours which is next Friday evening! Woo hoo!
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wish i could join you for a drink! have one for me;o) glad everything seems to be going soo much better for you in the new apt. take care.