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I was thinking lately of how much I associate a song or music with so many things in my life, as I'm sure a lot of people do. The other day I heard this song and I was just astounded at how much I felt like I was back in that place, doing that thing - it was just amazing how the feeling came back. So I decided I that I will make a list of some of the more prominent. I think everyone should do it, I think it would be really interesting:

1.)Blurry, Puddle of Mudd - Definitely finals week of freshman year at UST. I just remember getting up really early in the mornings when it was still dark out and so quiet, and putting this song on really low. I was starting to have some problems at this time as well so those feelings definitely come back.

2.) Twisted, Keith Sweat - Every single school dance I ever went to, whether or not it was played there. Especially brings back memories of middle school dances. And also riding the empty school bus home and hearing it on the radio. Very strange.

3.) Song of the South, Alabama - I cannot hear this song without going back to Kara's wedding when everyone got in a circle and danced to this song. Apparently it is a family tradition for them to all dance to this at family weddings and such. It was definitely a lot of fun, I remember Kara's brothers dancing all funny. It's pretty meaningful considering Kara lives in Australia now and I miss her so much.

4.) In The End, Linkin Park - Dakota Dan, nuff said.

5.) Hey Jude, Beatles - This is so funny, but every time I hear it, it reminds me of finals week during freshman year. My roommates and I were sitting around studying and I think Alyssa had this on her computer and we all just sang and yelled to it. Do you remember that at all Sass?

6.) Shoop, Salt-n-Pepa - Totally reminds me of middle school. Back then someone told me that "shoop" was like a swear word so I would put this on really really low in my room so my mom wouldn't hear it. I thought I would be in trouble if she heard me listening to music with swearwords in the lyrics.

7.) Flavor of the Week, American Hi Fi - I go back to Rachel's boat in the middle of White Bear Lake with all of my friends from high school. We had this mixed CD that we used to listen to every time. We would sit out on the lake and go swimming and just hang out and sing this song. Very fun times.

8.) Sometimes, Britney Spears & Bad Touch, I don't know who sings that - I will group these two together because they completely remind me of dancing with Alyssa in my dorm room and also at Stargate. I don't think anyone but my roommates would understand this. You just would have to see us dance. That is all.

9.) Romeo, Basement Jaxx - More dancing with my roommates, but also getting ready with them to go out on the weekends. Very fun!

10.) Anything Sinatra - My dad. He thinks he is Sinatra and when we were kids he used to make us listen to it and I always really liked it, but I had to pretend I hated it because it was dorky. Now I love it and it is something I share with my dad.

11.) You Had Me At Hello, Kenny Chesney - Reminds me of Ben. I just always knew it was my favorite love song and when I fell in love with him it was and is the perfect song for us. It makes me realize how I really do think I did love a part of him the second I met him. Definitely going to dance to that one at my wedding.

I could probably go on and on with this list. But it is about my bedtime so I'm off. So I will continue at a later date. Later y'all.
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