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Summer's Over

Well just the creepiest thing happened to me last Thursday night and I would like to tell you all about it. Thursday afternoon I had been around my apartment alone pretty much all day, cleaning and napping and such. My brother came and picked me up for dinner at my grandparents' house, then brought me back home, where Ash and I hung out all evening. Just as she was getting ready to go out around 9 or 10 Ben came over, so he and I kind of just sat in my room, had dinner, so on. Well around 10:45 I was in the bathroom washing up for bed when Ben came out and said that someone was knocking on my window. I thought he was joking until someone pounded on the back door - it was two cops. They informed us that a neighbor had called the police because there was a guy standing on a chair outside of my bedroom window about 20 minutes earlier. Apparently when the cops got there he ran away and they had some police dogs searching for him pretty late into the night. Back to the apartment...the police got the info they needed and took a bunch of pictures and did their investigation thing but Ben and I were OUTTA THERE. We called Ash and the three of us went back to his new apartment. The next day I talked to the landlord and apparently he talked to the neighbors who saw the guy. They said the pretty much just watched him walk out of his car, drag up a chair and start peeking in - he went about it in a really stupid, obvious way. I also called and got the police department and I guess they got his name (which is John by the way) and address and all that but he's on hold for pickup? Does anyone know what that means? I would like to know if that means he's going to be arrested because I would feel a hell of a lot safer if that was the case. Who knows.
But yeah. Since then I have felt so vulnerable and scared. I have been staying at Ben's because I cannot bear the thought of staying there by myself and having something like that happen. That just creeps me out so bad! I am mad because I don't even feel safe in a place that I spent just that afternoon cozying up so that I could feel more comfortable. It's a shitty feeling, I feel like such a baby about it but the scariest part is that just last week a girl who lives just a few blocks away was sexually assaulted in her apartment by some guy who broke in. And he got away. So who knows if that was the same guy? I feel like I'm on display in my own bedroom. It makes me mad.
Anyway, on a more positive note Ben and I went to the Martina McBride/Gretchen Wilson/Blue County concert at the State Fair and it was SO good. Every slow song choked me up...that's the best, when a concert can do that to you. Loved it.
OK I'm off to help Ben with some moving projects. If anyone knows what that police pick-up thing means please let me know!
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