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BBQ at Best Man's? Why Would That Be Weird?

Wow I haven't updated this thing in forever! That's not saying I haven't been keeping up with my reading material's still fun to check in and see what some have been up to and such.

Probably the reason I haven't written anything lately is there's nothing new or fun at all! Every once in a while something comes up...nothing too phenomenal though. Mostly I have just been working during the week and relaxing on the weekends. I have three weeks left of work and then I get to be done. Thank God. I'm so burnt out from this job. Not that I don't like it, because it really is a lot of fun, but I am ready to just be done. I figured out that I have 12 days left total. Five this coming week, two the following week (I'll be on the North Shore for 3 of those days with Ben, his mom, and sister), and then five the next. Hallelujiah.

I also found out that one of my best pals, Rachel, is moving back to the cities. She's the pilot - the one I flew to Denver with - and she was just hired by Mesaba Airlines. She's been living in St. Cloud the past three years but since the job is closer she's moving in with her parents until she can save up enough to put a downpayment on a house. Very ambitious girl, and I am so proud of her.

One other person I would like to mention that I am very proud of is Ben - he is just finishing up an internship with Target and he has worked so very hard for the last ten weeks. He interviewed for a job with the company for after he graduates next spring and I am sure he did a fabulous job. I'm so proud of you Ben.

Did I forget to mention that we got a cat? He's pretty cool but annoys me once in a while. He's actually Ashlee's but still I get to take part in the love process sometimes. I don't mind having him but just the past three weeks have made me realize that I am more of a dog person. (Ash - don't be offended by this - I'm just glad you're keeping him and I'm not!!!)

Otherwise I've been pretty much just a really busy girl for the summer. Part of me is really excited to get back to school while the other part of me likes the no homework thing. It will surely be interesting to walk into class the first day and see my bro sitting there. But I'm excited nonetheless.

I read something that Alyssa wrote about seeing our old roommate Melissa and realizing how much she missed her, and that actually had the opposite effect on me, as I did some thinking and realized how much I do NOT! Actually I saw her running the other day. I'm not sure she saw me but if she did there was no friendly hello, not even a wave. Oh well. Right now I am so happy in comparison to what I felt like a year ago this time - I have a roommate who doesn't judge me for my actions, is supportive, and also my new apartment is just so much tighter. Plus our landlord actually gives a shit about us! So for that I am happy and just wanted to share.

Anyway. Just wanted to check in. I'd appreciate any messages anyone left for me just to say hi or something! Later all.
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