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Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear

Work is going well. I love Josh and Jordan, they are really cute kids and I think we get along just swimmingly. This job is the greatest. I get to play outside and go do fun things that I would never have thought to do nor had the chance if I was working in some office somewhere. Last week we went mini-golfing in Stillwater and that was fun! It is proving to be well worth the cash I get every Friday and I am really enjoying myself.

I'm also on a kickball team with a bunch of friends and it's a lot of fun. We're 0-2 but I think that's because they have put some random, ugly and incredibly UNTALENTED girls on our team. The games are fun and we go out after every game to this bar in Minneapolis. Fun I tell ya.

Last Thursday night I left for Denver with Rachel. She is a very good pilot, but flying in a tiny plane for 4 hours is super scary. We were supposed to be surprising Kara but unfortunately Matt (who hasn't talked to Kara since her wedding in December) thought it would be a good idea to call and see what's up with her and he completely blew the surprise. Oh well. We had so much fun though! I miss hanging out with girls so much - I didn't realize it until now. We went out on Friday night to this huge bar with a big deck on the roof and a dance floor. Very entertaining. I also did a lot of shopping and am very proud of myself for it. However, one bad thing did happen: In my excitement to see Kara and hopped out of the plane right away when we arrived and I tripped over the wheel and burned the back of my shin on the brakes of the plane. It's a second- or third- degree burn, huge and disgusting and incredibly ugly, on the back of my left shin. I actually went to the doc for it today because it hurts so bad still and has started turning this gross scabby color. She said I'd probably have a scar :( dammit. I also got a tetanus shot. Ick. Josh and Jordan came and watched and thought it was extremely hilarious when I was almost passed out on the bus stop bench by the car.

Anyway we returned from Denver on the 4th and Ben and I headed out to my mom's for a little 4th of July action. For fireworks we went out with Rachel and her family in their pontoon on WBL. Very nice.

Anyway I'm off. Next weekend should be fun, up to St. Cloud to go boating and fishing with Ben and his family!
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