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And to finish him off...

~*~Love and All That~*~

-Do you consider love a mistake?: Hells no! My experience with love has been probably the best of my life. Love is ultimately a feeling, and how can a feeling ever really truly be wrong?
-What do you find romantic?: Cuddling, surprise kisses from behind, walking in the rain and holding hands, shopping the clearance racks every week at Target, making love, naps together, and just knowing that there is always someone there who loves me.
-Turn-on?: Knowing that someone else is turned on by you, dim lights and deep conversations
-Turn-off?: BAD TEETH
-First kiss?: Anders Jorve at 11th grade Homecoming, yuck yuck yuck yuck YUCK
-If someone you had no interest in expressed interest in dating YOU, how would you feel?: It's happened before...and I have felt so guilty. But then again, before Ben and I were together I thought he was interested and I also thought that I wasn't at ALL...but then again look what happened. So bottom line, never say never, give them a chance.
-Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going out: Yes. Isn't that the whole foundation of a conversation...let alone a relationship?
-Have you ever wished it was more socially acceptable for a girl to ask a guy out: Umm, not really, considering I have never had the balls to do that and never will. I am fully content letting the guy do all the work.
-Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive: Yeah, and I will not name names...but anyone who knew me in 10th grade knew who I crushed on FOREVER...not attractive. A really good guy, but no. I will say one thing though - once you get to know someone you see them completely differently. I believe that attraction to their personality overshadows the physical.
-Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: I would like to think so...and on days when I feel yucky all I need to do is drive down 35E South because it never fails...there's always some Asian or other trying to get my attention in their suped-up Honda!
-What is best about the opposite sex?: How they have the ability to make you feel this way that no one else can, how they don't hold grudges, how we can get in fights and then laugh about it 10 minutes later (NEVER happens with a girl though)and how cute they act sometimes.
-What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?: How sometimes they think they know more about FASHION, how cocky they can be, how they can hide their feelings from you like it means nothing...gah
-What's the last present someone gave you?: Well Ben just bought me a Sierra Mist...if not Ben bought me a shirt last weekend that looks almost exactly like the one of mine he ruined like a year ago!
-Are you in love?: Head over heels...does that count?
-Do you consider your significant other hot?: My significant other, in my eyes, is the hottest human being on the planet, not just physically (although he is), but in every other way imaginable.

~*~Who Was the Last Person~*~

-That laughed at you?: Ben, when I made a comment about the man that STILL owes me money for those damn SA stores way back when.
-That you laughed at?: Also Ben, don't remember why
-That turned you on?: Ben
-You went shopping with?: Ben. I would like to stop here and say that he is sitting right next to me and that we went shopping today, and that is probably why so far all my answers have been about him.
-That broke your heart?: I'm not sure that my heart has ever really been broken...I've been severely hurt by a few though. Don't care to name names.
-To disappoint you?: Probably myself.
-To ask you out?: Well that would again probably be Ben, over a year ago.
-To make you cry?: The actress on the really BAD Court TV movie...although it was very intriguing, a real tearjerker
-To brighten up your day?: Probably just getting to wake up next to my baby this morning.
-That you thought about?: I thought about my grandma a few minutes ago and how I have to pick her up tomorrow and drive her to her meeting.
-You saw a movie with?: My sister and I saw Ella Enchanted last weekend.
-You talked to on the phone?: Kathryn
-You talked to through IM/ICQ?: Mike Sticha
-You saw?: I saw my roommate's boyfriend Donny on my way out tonight...funny that he's nicer to me than she is
-You lost?: Does my puppy count?

~*~Right This Moment~*~

-Are you going out?: Nope, I am in for the eve
-Will it be with your significant other?: Well I am at Ben's so yes
-Or some random person?: Nah
-What are you wearing right now?: My Sedona, AZ T-Shirt with the different "asses" on it (think donkeys people) and my gray mesh UST shorts. That's ALL.
-Body part you're touching right now: Is that supposed to be a gross question or what? I am not touching myself at all.
-What are you worried about right now?: My take-home final that is due tomorrow afternoon and that I have no ability to write because I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BUSINESS.
-What book are you reading?: I haven't read a book in forever. Does my Latin American History text count?
-Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling: Dizzy, Worried, Lovey, Tired, Headachey
-Are you bored?: Kinda
-Are you tired?: Yes
-Are you talking to anyone online?: Nope
-Are you talking to anyone on the phone?: No
-Are you lonely or content?: I'm pretty content
-Are you listening to music?: The Wildboyz theme song on TV
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